обзор для Европы - 07-02-2024
Stormy Scandanavia to Baltic
Snow central, sunny south

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 07 February 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Low pressure Scandanavia to Biscay makes for unsettled spell

Snow showers, frequent and often heavy for Norway and Sweenden through Finland across the Baltic to Estonia EstoniaDenmark and across to Belarus. A mix of rain and snow will occur through Netherlands to Demark during the morning clearing to snow showers by evening. Rainn then moving into southern and central France with rain and snow mix across Switzerland into Austria. For Spain, Portugal and into Italy Italy across to Hungary, Romania towards Bulgaria mainly dry with sunshine, though scattered showers across Greek Islands temperatures 10C to 12C.

Cloudy through France with outbreaks of rain, rain extending across Germany, Switzerland to Austria to Hungary Hungary temperatures 8 to 10C. Spain to Italy, all south of the Alps across to Bosnia to Albania generally dry and sunny, 12C to 15C, with showers along Adriatic coasts, scattered showers throgh to Turkey. For northwest andeastern countries Scandanavia to Baltic frequent showers of snow with sunny spells, temperatures 0C to 5C with a fresh northwest onshore wind so high windchill.

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