Temperatures and Precipitation
The weather-history for more than 4700 stations worldwide

What was the weather in London on August, 11th 1998. Or in Sydney? Or in Lerwick? You can answer these questions now with the new 'history'-service from WeatherOnline. Simply select a location from the list. Then choose the parameter that you want to have being displayed (e.g. maximum or minimum temperature or precipitation) from the list at the left input field. Please use the other input fields to select the desired time-period (between 4 and 52 weeks) and the year and month you want to start from.

Was it a warm or wet summer? April too cool? Have a look at our monthly summaries !

For example:
you would like to see the curve of the daily maximum temperature in London for the time-period between August 1998 and August 1999.
First, select the location 'London' from the list at the right. The location London is represented by the weather station at London-Heathrow. Therefore, strictly speaking, the curve you'll get is the daily maximum temperature at London-Heathrow. As this is the case for many locations the name of the actually reporting weather station will always be shown in graph's title. The maximum temperature, a time period of 4 weeks and the present month and year are set by default. Therefore you only have to change the time-period to 52 weeks and to select the starting month and year. In this case August 1998. Submit your settings with 'Go' and your requested curve will be produced.
The daily maximum temperatures in London for the time-period between October 2, 2000 and October 30, 2000.
The daily minimum temperatures in London for the same time-period.
The daily precipitation in London for the same time-period.