обзор для Европы - 22-11-2022
Very wet Italy & Balkans
Showery France and Spain

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 22nd November 2022
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Drier northeastern Europe, cold northern Scandinavia

Dry in southern Spain and Portugal, but heavy rain toward the northwest of Iberia. Showery into the Pyrenees and across much of France. A deep area of low pressure moves across Italy bringing heavy rain and gales. Heavy snow on the mountains including the southern Alps. This system also pushes into the Balkans bringing heavy rain and mountain snow. Heavy showers and gales across the Mediterranean too. Wet in western Greece, but the Aegean Sea, western Turkey and Crete look dry. Showery further east and for Cyprus.
Showery for the Low Countries, but mainly dry for Germany and Poland, also the Czech Republic. Areas of sleet and snow pushing north across Sweden and Norway, drier toward southern Sweden. Patchy rain for Denmark. Dry and cold for the Baltic states, Finland and the far north of Scandinavia.

More rain for northern Spain in the morning but this breaks up. Showery for Portugal, but mostly dry toward the south of Iberia. Showery across the Mediterranean and southern Italy, but a much better day across most of Italy. Heavy rain affects Greece and western Turkey, snow on the mountains.
Rain sweeps east across
France into the Low Countries then Germany later. Showers follow from the west on brisk winds. Dry much of the day for eastern Germany and Poland, mostly cloudy. Fine for much of the Alps. Areas of rain and mountain snow for Hungary and Romania.
Heavy rain for southern Norway. Patchy drizzly rain for southern Sweden. Dry and cold for northern Scandinavia, whilst Finland may see a few snow flurries on brisk easterly winds.

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