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обзор для Европы - 11-02-2021
Staying cold
Wetter Mediterranean

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 11th February 2021
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Very cold in central and northern Europe, some rain in the Mediterranean

More rain to come across Northwest Spain and Portugal on Thursday. Generally fine across much of central, eastern and southern Spain with lots of sunshine. Cooler across Corsica and Sardinia as well as through much of Italy, with some showers in the east of Italy. Showers also affect the west of Greece and these will be heavy at times. Fair for much of turkey, dry with lots of sunshine.
Breezy through France and cold to there will be some sunny spells especially in the south. Stain cold across the Netherlands with a scattering of wintry showers. Germany will have some heavy snow showers in the east but should be generally dry elsewhere although staying cold. Windy and cold across Poland with snow showers in the east, more persistent snow in Hungary. Windy and very cold across Austria and Switzerland.
Cold in Denmark with some bright spells. A few snow showers in eastern Sweden but generally very cold here and dry. Staying cold in the Baltic States as well as through Finland. Bitterly cold for Norway, some snow showers in the north here.

Fair for much of Spain and Portugal today. There will be some showers over the Pyrenees with some heavy showers or rain in the far northeast of Spain too. Cool with rain in Corsica and Sardinia, rain into the north of Italy as well. Southern Italy should be drier with some sunny spells. Greece will have lots of sunshine and should be dry. More sunshine in Turkey, feeling warm here.
Breezy and cool in France, fair in northern and central areas but some rain, sleet and snow in the south. The Low Countries will be cold and mostly dry. Staying cold in Germany too and dry. Cloudier with some outbreaks of snow in northern and eastern Germany. Cold too for Hungary as well as as Austria and Switzerland.
A cold and frosty day in Denmark, plenty of sunshine here as well. More dry weather and sunshine to come in the Baltic States. Fair and cold in Finland. Staying cold in Sweden but dry. Some snow in northern Norway but dry to the south.

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