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обзор для Европы - 29-12-2019
Dry and mild central Europe
Unsettled southeast

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 29th December 2019
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Windy and mild for Scandinavia; wet Norway

High pressure remains over central Europe, keeping things widely settled over the continent. Areas of low level fog may linger, but there will be a good deal of sunshine too. Warm again in the southwest of Spain, Portugal and France. An area of low pressure sits over the eastern Mediterranean, with heavy and thundery showers for parts of Greece and Turkey. Some showers also for southern Italy.
A brisk southwesterly wind affects northern Europe, pushing very mild air across Scandinavia. Heavy rain affects western Norway again, perhaps extending to northern Finland also, but much of Sweden and the Baltic states stay dry. Risk of gales.

Quiet weather continues across central Europe, with high pressure remaining in charge. Areas of sun, low cloud and low-lying fog for France, Germany, the Alps, and eastern countries including Hungary and Romania. Also dry for Spain and Portugal, staying warm in the south.
Low pressure over the eastern Mediterranean brings heavy rain and strong winds to Greece, Cyprus and parts of Turkey. Below average temperatures in this region. Showers for southern Italy. Gales around the Aegean Sea and Black Sea.
Also windy across northern Europe, brisk west to southwesterlies drawing mild air across the Baltic, possible gales. Heavy rain for western Norway. Areas of rain spreading east into Finland. Mainly dry for Denmark and southern Sweden.

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