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обзор для Европы - 14-05-2022
Dry & hot Med
Unsettled northwest

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 14th May 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Thunderstorms with downpours affecting parts of France on Sunday

A few showers developing over Portugal first thing then push northwards and become heavy across north Spain. Dry and fine elsewhere. Dry with sunshine across the Balearics as well as across Italy and the surrounding islands. Thunderstorms developing across mainland Greece as well as through Turkey.
Thunderstorms developing along the western coasts of France. Largely dry and fine elsewhere. Southern regions of Switzerland and Austria will see heavy thundery showers but in the north largely dry. Dry and fine while feeling warm through the Low Countries and Germany as well as Poland and the Czech Republic.
Staying unsettled with outbreaks of heavy rain through much of western and central Norway. Largely dry but rather cludy across Sweden and Finland. Outbreaks of rain today affecting Denmark for a time with blustery winds. Mainly dry but rather breeezy through the Baltic states.

Largely dry, fine and hot across Spain and Portugal though a few showers could develop later in the north. Dry and fine through the Balearic islands. Italy will continue to be dry with sunshine. Thunderstorms across Greece and east Turkey but dry and fine in the west.
Thunderstorms develop and become more widespread across France. Scattered thundery showers continue across Switzerland and west Austria. Drier further east. Largely dry, fine and very warm across the Low Countries and Germany as well as the Czech Republic. The odd shower down the Balkan states but mostly dry here.
Largely dry and fine through southern parts of Norway and Sweden though windier with outbreaks of rain further north. Some patchy rain but mostly dry through Finland yet feeling chilly. Largely dry and fine across Denmark and the Baltic states.

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